Things I miss while traveling

What I miss the most when I travel 

Traveling is one of the best things that anyone could do. It opens up a whole new world and makes you view life in a much different way. You also get to meet people from every country, you learn immensely about yourself and you get to have a lot of fun in the process too! But still, there’s always a few things I really miss when I travel. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, and when you’re facing tough days, you start missing a few things from home even more. Here are the things I miss the most when I travel (and that I’m sure other travelers do as well).

My bed and my bathroom 

If you’re a backpacker on a budget or just want to stay somewhere social, you tend to sleep in hostels. But that often means sharing a room and bathroom with a few more other people. It’s quite fun in the beginning because you always meet people, but after awhile you get kind of tired of it. Some hostels are much better than others and it really depends on where you go, but having my own room and bathroom is something I always miss when I travel. Just sleeping in your own bed sheets that you know are clean and not having to wait for the 10 other people who also wants to take a shower is luxury. 

Family and friends 

Besides comfort, you miss your family and friends. In the beginning, everything’s so new and exciting that you kind of forget your life at home. But when things settle, you start thinking about your loved ones more and you start missing the people at home who knows you best and that you can just have a normal conversation with. 

Healthy diet 

It all depends where you travel to, but usually you won’t be eating as healthy as you do at home. There’s so much new food to try that you stuff your face with everything you can get your hands on. You also tend to snack way more when traveling, and alcohol is also a big denominator to why you might be gaining those extra pounds. It’s not something you should necessarily be obsessing about since you are on vacation, but I do notice that when I eat unhealthy, my body and mind just feels worse. When I’m at home, I know exactly where I can get good groceries, I can cook my own food and I know what my body needs to feel good. You can’t always find good food abroad. 

Clean clothes 

Yes, it’s a sense of freedom to not care how you look like or what you’re wearing, but there are days when I really miss wearing clean clothes again (some washing machines abroad doesn’t really do the job) and even go shopping. After half a year with the same worn down clothes, you really start missing your wardrobe at home. 

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